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Welcome to Dreamdata's Security & Privacy Portal. Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. Use this portal to learn about our security posture and request access to our security documentation.

Email us at if this portal does not answer any additional questions.

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Security & Privacy Portal Updates

Dreamdata SOC2 Compliance

GeneralCopy link ApS has successfully achieved SOC 2 Compliance for the 2nd year in a row. This achievement further proves our commitment to protecting our customers and building further trust in our relationship.

Please login to our security portal to download our updated 2024 SOC2 Type 2 Report.

If there is anything Information Security related that you would like to discuss, please contact us through the portal.

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Dreamdata Penetration Test

ComplianceCopy link

Our latest Penetration Test Remediation Report is now available for your review.

Visit the Dreamdata Security Portal to download.

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Dreamdata Privacy Update

ComplianceCopy link

Dreamdata is now maintaining our list of Sub-Processors here at Safebase, Please subscribe to updates, so in the event that we need to update any of our subprocessors, you will be updated as soon as possible.

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